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Significant warning to the bank account into the phone

Telefondan banka hesabına girenlere önemli uyarı
4.5G’y stayed a few numbered days; incompatible SIM cards in the form of a changed. However, the SIM card from the bank with disposable passwords change also interrupted.
As of April 1 4.5g come into our lives. SIM card compatible with the 4.5G’y will be able to use without the need to take any action; but the SIM card is old and therefore has infinite benefits of the change that is incompatible with the card today.


However, SIM card change will bring a little problem with it. If you made changes to how it is done in the SIM card users will not receive the one-time password to the bank; A message will warn you in because otherwise the one-time password sent to you from the banks with these changes.Bu mesajı gördüyseniz yapmanız gereken tek şey ya bankaya doğrudan gidip ilgili evraklara imza atmak ya da telefon üzerinden bankanızı arayarak sorunu çözmek.

Such an SMS from your bank, your SIM card shows that you can not change because of the one-time password

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